About robomate+

Robomate+ consists of recorded lectures in state of the art studios of our expert faculty for anytime, anywhere education and revision and is India’s largest repository of proven video content, ebooks, assessments, analytics, end to end reports, attendance of students, teachers app, parent app and much more.

We have also launched our app called Robomate+

which is available as a free download on the Playstore.

The app has received a terrific response of/from the following states officially inaugurating it:




Our interest with you lies in the fact that we want to introduce to you, our latest product: The Learning Management System, Robomate+

This comprises of offline learning solutions using the latest technology in education. Being the only one of its kind, it has been adopted by over 200 of MT Educare’s institutions along with over 25 colleges across the country.

Robomate+ is available for CBSE, ICSE, IIT-JEE, Medical-NEET, CPT, CAT Entrance and MBA.


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